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PVC banner printers of single and double sided banners

This is the most popular type of banner as it has a multitude of uses at a variety of events like street festivals, campaign / event banners, advertising banners, corporate event banners, sporting event banners, birthday banners, party banners, etc. Printed on 450gms banner vinyl with options for additional banner finishing. This material is so thick we will not need to hem the banner, however if pockets are required we can weld these in. Your banners will be delivered using a fast reliable next day courier service. To obtain instant PVC banner printing prices, use the calculator below. Freephone 0808 144 2926 for further assistance.
Example banner projects.
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The advantages of using 1 stop graphics for your PVC banner production.

  • High resolution printing.
The benefits of ordering custom printed sign panels, banners, printed, cut or laminated vinyl and vehicle graphics from 1 Stop Graphics are;

  • Volume discounts.
  • Artwork storage.
  • Artwork alterations and creation.
  • Easy re ordering.
  • Order tracking.
  • Online invoicing.
  • Fast same day written quotes.

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This calculator will allow you to, save, delete and amend quotes. To obtain an estimate tell us what you require, add a deadline and press the obtain your price button. If you like the price click the add button to include it in the shopping cart. We also undertake additional finishing work on the job if required. Our sales team will inform you of any additional costs, before proceeding with the order. Please supply print ready PDF files or scaled high-resolution CMYK JPEG images. Our minimum standard turnaround time is three days excluding delivery time.

If you require large volumes you may be best to use our screen printing calculator.


Re-inforcedeyelets banner trimmed to size Sewn or Welded PVC banners with eyelets Sewn or welded pockets top and bottom Sewn or welded rope pockets Re-enforced corners.


  • PVC banners
  • Promotional banners
  • Outdoor banners
  • Fete banners
  • Event banners
  • Church banners
  • Advertising banners
  • Marching banners


Reinforced eyeleted banners trimmed to size.
This option is ideal for internal banners or banners that are being
used outdoors for a short period of time.
The prices our calculator generates are for this option.
This option includes reinforced corner pieces.

Banners with welded or sewn edges and eyelets.
The difference between sewing and welding is that sewn hems
are stronger than welded hems. Sewing hems will take longer than
welding the hems. Eyelets are the metal rings that we punch into
the edges of the banner to allow you to hang the banner.

Banners with welded or sewn pockets top and bottom.
A pocket can be made on banners this is essentially a sleeve
on the banner into which a rope or rod can be inserted. The pockets
are usually top and bottom for fall banners, left and right
on marching banners. The pocket size is 2 - 2.5 x the diameter of the rod.

Banners with welded or sewn rope pockets and eyelets.
This option will allow both a rope to be passed through
a pocket and eyelets to also be used to help support the banner.
We supply lengths of 6mm nylon rope for the banner.

Reinforced corner pieces.
To make the banner stronger we can attach reinforced
corner pieces. These will add extra weight to the corners making
it harder for the eyelet to be ripped out.

Double Welded Edge and Eyelets (Mesh Only)
For long term mesh banners we cab double weld the hems for
extra strength.

Welded Truck Webbing and Eyelets
Truck webbing is a kind of tough vinyl welded on the edge
of banner to prevent the banner to be damaged.

Wind Holes
We can cut semi circular holes in your banner to allow wind
to pass through the banner and not build up on the face
of the banner.


Artwork Guidelines. Please supply a PDF file (All text must be outlined) or a high-resolution JPEG image in CMYK and with Pantone colours. Please supply artwork at a scale of 1:1 and at 150 dpi if a Jpg. If you require colour matching please supply us with a high-resolution PDF.

PDF or Jpeg File
Convert font to outlines
Convert to CMYK / Pantones
Scale artwork to 1:1
Images at 150 dpi

Note: We suggest you order a mesh banner if the banner will be in a windy area or if the banner wider than 4 metres and is installed outdoors or there is no back or support wall. In high wind areas we suggest using a no eyelet pockets.

Pockets with no eyelets.No eyelet pocket artwork guide.
Pockets with eyelets. Pockets witn eyelets artwork guide.
Rope pocket. Rope Pocket artwork guide.