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sign installers glasgow We install the vast majority of our signs as part of our standard terms of supply. Our installation service ensures that your sign goes up and stays up!

We use our own experienced in-house fitters who can tackle just about any installation job whether it's for mounting a brass plate outside a solicitor's or installing neon-lit lettering high up on a shop front.

Some signs require a lot more installation than may be first appreciated - for example an estate board or directory may need to be mounted at the edge of a new development or industrial estate. This will require holes to be dug in the ground, poles to be mounted in concrete and then the sections of the sign to be mounted on the poles.

Another example of where installation is a major part of the job is where a sign is "embedded" into frosted glass. This typically requires large areas of frosted vinyl to be stuck onto the inside of shop or office fronts and then the required lettering or logo is cut out by hand - in reverse! Just getting the vinyl stuck down with no wrinkles is an art in itself!

We carry out all kinds of installation, all the time, and have years of experience of doing the job properly.

Of course not every sign requires specialist installation - we're perfectly happy to supply any of our signs directly to our clients for them to install themselves.