Three 22 Litre Canisters of Zapptizer for Coronavirus supplied with a quality fogging mist nozzle spray gun and 4 metre hose UK next day delivery

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One 22 Litre Canister of Zapptizer for Coronavirus
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Three 22 Litre Canisters of Zapptizer for Coronavirus supplied with a quality fogging mist nozzle spray gun and 4 metre hose.


One 22 Litre Cannister Only



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Product Description One 22 Litre Canister of Zapptizer for Coronavirus Industrial coronavirus spray. Protect your employees who are being told to go back to work. The Zapptizer for Coronavirus Sanitiser is an industrial solution to killing the corona virus quickly and effectively with a non toxic spray in public areas. It is essential step to take during the current pandemic, particularly before re-opening. Regularly sanitising premises is a must for any responsible employer. Zapptizer for Coronavirus spray is an innovative sanitising product that will significantly reduce the cost of hiring an external company to conduct regular deep cleans. It is more practical than other cleaning methods for thorough disinfection of all areas due to it being deployed in the air, rather than areas being manually wiped. The 22 Litre cannister of Zapptizer for Coronavirus spray bottle will destroying viruses, germs and bacteria in an area of 700 to 750 square metres. This approved and innovative system is very simple to use and will allow operators to sanitise premises or vehicles very fast. As it is much easier than cleaning with wipes or hand-held spray bottles. It will also reach places other cleaning methods cannot. This effective and nontoxic sanitiser acts fast to kill a huge range of viruses including SARSCOV2 it will also kill all bacteria as well. It will provide a long-lasting residual action. It is kind to skin the biocidal formula means there will be no issues with dryness or skin irritation. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces without risk of damage due to the non-corrosive and non-staining formula of the product. This effective pleasant berry odour sanitiser can be used on plants, walls, floors and equipment in both cold and hot conditions. This product is supplied in a non-flammable pre-pressured canister, far less messy than using multiple wipes or manual cleaning solutions as it is deployed rapidly in an effective fogging mist. Zapptizer for Coronavirus spray is ideal for businesses, healthcare environments, garages, cleaning companies, schools, care homes, hotels and anywhere that sees regular contact with the general public The full Zapptizer for Coronavirus spray kit includes a 22 Litre canister filled with sanitiser a spray hose and gun with fogging mist nozzle. Application: Use only with an approved Zapptizer applicator gun and pressure-tested hose. Avoid blasting at close contact. Rapid drying. Packaging: Only available in 22 Litre pre-pressurized cylinders Physical Data: Clear, colourless liquid with a gentle berry odour. pH: 5.5 which is compatible with skin. Use within 3 months. Avoid eye contact - flush out with plenty of water. Avoid ingestion - Drink plenty of water and seek medical attention. DO NOT induce vomiting. Spillage: Absorb in granules, sweep up and dispose of using your current waste disposal methods. How long will a deep clean last? The biocides in Zapptizer remain active on a surface indefinitely if you leave it without wiping, the more effective it is. Therefore, it is not to be used as a spray-and-wipe solution. We recommend spraying and leaving it where possible. If you need to wipe, to remove dirt, re-spray afterwards for maximum effect. However, there are external factors we cannot control, such as dust and dirt falling onto surfaces, wind and other things that can affect how effective it is. Therefore, we recommend regular treatment of surfaces in areas where people work and operate. How effective is Zapptizer against corona-based viruses? The ingredients in Zapptizer will rapidly and effectively kill an extensive list of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds. It has also been tested against small non-enveloped viruses hardest to kill category. They have also been tested effectively on enveloped viruses easiest-to-kill category. On 11 March 2020, the American Chemical Council stated, Products that are effective against non-enveloped viruses (hardest-to-kill category) are likely to be effective against COVID-19. ACC also stated they expect products that are effective against enveloped viruses (easiest-to-kill category) to be also effective against non-enveloped viruses. But are not alcohol-based sanitisers the only way to kill viruses and bacteria? No, there are many non-alcohol-based biocides and virucides used commercially and in the home for disinfection and sanitising.
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