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Vinyl lettering and graphics prices for your Mercedes 408 or 410 van

We can provide supplied vinyl lettering and vinyl graphics for any type vehicle including all Mercedes 408 or 410 vans. As we hold a template for every vehicle ever manufactured. The cost for supplied vinyl graphics and lettering ranges from £60.00 to a few hundred depending how many panels on your car or van that you require vinyl for.

By supplying pre spaced cut vinyl lettering and graphics ready for you to fit to your vehicle we can save you money. To allow you to fit the lettering or graphics yourself, we supply the vinyl along with a laminated drawing of the graphics in place and a free application kit and vinyl application instructions.

We only fit vehicle graphics in Glasgow, however we can supply ready to apply vinyl graphics and lettering throughout the UK.
All supplied vinyl lettering and graphics are ready to fit to your vehicle. We also send an application kit, a laminated scaled van drawing of the design and application instructions with every order.
Sign maker prices for vehicle graphics and lettering Click to print page.

Vehicle decals, vinyl graphics and vehicle lettering costs for a Mercedes 408 or 410 van

Tick the boxes to tell us what panels need vinyl. Specify lettering / graphics/ magnetic in comment box below. All prices are subject to a 20% increase therefore we will e-mail you a final estimate prior to beginning the work.
Area Mercedes 408/410 3700 mm Van Panel mm x mm Letters Supply Letter Apply Graphics Supply Graphic Apply Magnetic Panels
  Design & Layout Full Vehicle     £29.00 (extra) £259.42 (extra)  
Both main side panels 3600 500 £95.77 £22.50 £124.10 £67.26 £100.92
Both mid side panels (one at petrol cap) 3600 330 £63.21 £14.85 £81.91 £64.47 £66.61
Both lower side panels (between wheels) 1288 160 £10.96 £2.58 £14.21 £23.75 £11.55
Both Driver & Passenger Doors 640 270 £97.90 £23.00 £88.55 £69.85 £72.01
Bonnet and panels above window 2700 430 £34.64 £8.14 £39.58 £25.67 £32.18
Back panels 1870 680 £24.91 £5.05 £19.99 £41.83 £33.19
Back window panels (mm size=1/2 panel) 580 500 £23.14 £28.58 £19.99 £17.72 £16.26
  Approximate costs for vehicle livery.     £379.52 £104.70 £647.76 £310.55 £332.71
  Carriage / Postage     £37.95 n/a £64.78 n/a £66.54
  Sub Total     £417.48 £104.70 £712.53 £310.55 £399.26
  VAT     £73.06 £18.32 £124.69 £54.35 £69.87
  Grand Total
Not including the 20% price adjustment for 2017.
    £490.53 £123.02 £837.22 £364.89 £469.13

Dear Customer

To allow us to start working on the vinyl for your vehicle fill in the form below. Tick the panels of the vehicle that require vinyl. A consultant will call you to discuss your requirements and take your credit card details to cover the design fee / deposit. The total cost for us to design, cut and apply vinyl lettering for every panel, at our Clydebank premises on this vehicle is approximately 484.22 + VAT plus 20% extra for additional the costs.

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Lower Side Panels (between the wheels) High Top
Doors Panel above Windscreen
Back Doors Back Window(s) (if metal panels explain below)
Panel above Back Doors  
Comments Please provide any other information : -
You will need to specify if you want graphics / magnetic panels (including details of any attachment e-mails you have sent)

Check the box to have a copy of our latest brochure sent to you free of charge.

Thank you for your interest, our consultant will contact you shortly.

Next day delivery with a tracked courier service on all supplied vehicle vinyl that can be sent to places like Reading and Crewe.